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Last Friday was our official launch for ONEUP COLLABORATIONS and everything was just perfect! It took place at a warehouse in Los Angeles and we had over 260 guests. This event was invite-only with hosted food+alcohol and the location was announced the day of. The theme of this event, and really for all of our events moving forward, is COLLABORATION. Our events are really a culmination of what we are all about
(See previous post to learn more!)


We teamed up with all of these great companies to make this event possible: 
  • DJZ Productions (music and production)
  • Lace and Stems (floral design)
  • Sawleaf (Vietnamese cuisine)
  • Taco Bandito (Mexican cuisine)
  • National Bar Staffing of SoCal (bartenders/staffing)
  • ANDesign (3D printing displays)
  • DUSTY CRATES (Hip Hop performance)
  • HAUS OF GODSPEED (art installation)
  • Right Gin and Sukkah Hill Liqueur (alcohol sponsor)
  • JUJU Photobooth (photobooth provider)
  • SLYNG® (SLYNG performance)

DJZ Productions 
really showcased why their music and production is the best in the business. They graced us with four DJ sets and set up all of the lighting. They absolutely killed it.

It wouldn't be a ONEUP launch party without some ONEUP gear right? Finally got a chance for everyone to feel the quality that we put into our merchandise. Thank you to everyone who copped some gear to show support.

HAUS OF GODSPEED came all the way from the Bay to show love and creative vibes.

ONEUP Elements installation by our very own Creative Director/Co-Founder Derrick!

Our good friends over at SAWLEAF putting in work to bring you fresh spring rolls.
Some of you were lucky enough to test your beer pong skills for a chance to win a Sriracha on-the-go keychain!

TACO BANDITO - a new concept by Leonard Chan, debuted a week prior to our launch party. We were lucky enough to have them come serve our guests over 300+ tacos!

(responsible for bringing the SLYNG to life) brought out the MakerBot 3D printers for your educational and entertainment purposes :)

SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS. Just Mai O Mai doing what she does best.
Always such a great host haha.

Did you guys see the Lace and Stems decor all throughout the party, especially the bar? Our favorite floral designer never ceases to amaze us! :)


DUSTY CRATES bringing that underground vibe as always! It was a pleasure rocking this event with you guys. Keep doing your thing!

Reppin our ONEUP Snapbacks. Looking good!

Time for a SPEECH!

Let me introduce you to...the SLYNG ®

Who said that you shouldn't mix business with pleasure? has been a pleasure working alongside you guys.
Excited for what's in store for us.
#ONwardandUPward #DREAMTEAM

Missing a few! SuperDuper Crew and growing!


Thank you again to everyone that made this magical night all possible. We appreciate all the love and support that you have shown us.

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